=694= Reflections: Indonesia 2018

To see my shots of my Indonesia trip, please do click here.

Wow, just wow. I am simply blown away by how amazing the land of Indonesia was. I agreed to go to Indonesia with my platoon mates just because I wanted to have a bit of fun! HAHA. I had no expectation to how nice Indonesia would be. All I was expecting was cheap food. I think I was just expecting it to be similar to Malaysia.

Upon reaching Surabaya, the airport reminded me of Langkawi’s. Then we slowly travelled up to Bromo. We had a simple lunch then we began the ascent to our homestay. On the road up, Gosh, the view was incredible. I don’t have any photos to show because we were moving and my camera has horrible rolling shutter. Oh and that the view the next day would blow all the previous shots away.

Subsequently, near the homestay, we walked up to see the view. It was great. Like I would want a photo with my face inside great, AHAHA. Then we had really good basso there.

All these for 20k, which was slightly lesser than $2 SGD.

Then during dinner, I started to realise how cheap the food was. Nasi goreng on average was 20k. Beef steak was 40k. I would then eventually almost stopped considering how expensive each meal was, because each meal was very affordable.

We then saw the stars. It was crazy beautiful. As there were few lights around, the stars were all very easily seen, even with the naked eye. Lance then brought out my tripod and we tried astrophotography for almost two hours. Finally I was able to shoot the Milky Way after so many years of trying. It was crazy nice! 🙂

We then had a short rest before our hike to Bromo the next day. The homestay didn’t have a heater so it was crazy cold at 9 degrees. We woke up at 3am, sat in the Jeep and went down to the Bromo viewing point. The sunrise was dope! HAHA! I actually took a time-lapse of the sunrise, but a lot of shots were a bit soft, so I didn’t think it was up to par, hence I didn’t release it.

Oh there were many of these shops where they sell instant noodles and hot drinks for people to warm up. I bought a cup of Milo and I still think that that cup of Milo was probably one the best I ever had. Even after having my Milo, it was still crazy cold, so I bought this face mask to cover my nose with for 20k.

We then took the Jeep again down to the bottom of Bromo where we had quite a long walk up and it was extremely dusty. Bromo had stairs up the crater and there were barricades for safety there too, but to reach the very top, you have to walk past the safety barricade and walk up the slanted path. I just had to go to this trip with the wrong shoes. It was extremely scary as I could fall into the crater on one side and I could fall and get minced to bits by rocks on the other. It was scary, but nevertheless worth it! 🙂 the view up there was breath taking.

We then went back to our homestay to clean up and travel to Ijen. Our hotel at Ijen was really nice! The wifi was good and the food! Oh the food! Nasi goreng has rice, chicken, crackers, eggs, tomato and cucumber only for 20k! :O it was so good we all had second round that day!

So good that I forgot to take a photo before eating it!

The hike up to Ijen was even earlier than Bromo because of the blue flames. We began our ascent at 12am. Rented gas masks and started to walk up. The first few kilometres were great. It was crazy steep, but it was packed with people, so there was no lack of light. It wasn’t that cold either, so the only tough part of the hike was getting use to the thin air. We reached the rest stop and had a rest and some hot drinks.

Our guide told us that we were left with 300 metres of steep hike and 700 metres of flat walk. So we were rather happy about that, thinking that we were very close to the crater.

Then the cold wind came. We could hear the merciless wind beating hard on the rocks and trees. The temperature started getting way cold. I put on the jacket I put away previously. Then we could smell the sulphur. We then put on our gas masks and we went down into the crater. That surprised all of us. We were all wondering why do we need to go down when we reach the peak of the crater already. Turns out, to see the blue flames, you need to go closer to the crater. The route down was steep and extremely rocky and slippery. I actually fell several times, but since it was dark, I didn’t really feel scared; I couldn’t really see ahead.

The sulphur was crazy. Whenever the wind blows it our way, we would tear, cry, mucus out and cough. Not to mention, we actually stayed at the bottom of the crater for quite a long period of time too. Sadly, we couldn’t really see the blue flames due to the smoke. We then wanted to go up because the sulphur was insufferable.

However, we were not able to move up because at that point in time, many people were rushing down, because the sun was almost up and soon they won’t be able to see the blue flames. Hence we were stuck on the route up the crater, freezing our fingers off. When the sun came up, the view blew me away. Everything from the rocks, to the lake, to the skies was beautiful. It was really very nice.

The hike down was really quite something. As there were small pebbles on the path, the route down was VERY slippery. Even being careful, I still slip on every steep road down. There were people that slipped and couldn’t control their speed down, only to grab on to the bush to stop themselves. Eventually, my friends interlocked their arms with mine to help me down. Thank God! AHAHA.

We then went back to our hotel to wash up. My shoes were covered with dirt and ash. My jeans and jacket was smelly.

We then finally travelled down to Bali. To be honest, I didn’t really spend a lot of time in Bali, cause we took a day to explore Nusa Penida.

We reached Bali and we just went to explore the night market. It was nice! The food was SOOO cheap! I could buy like sweet and salty fried snacks for like $2 SGD? It was amazing!

Then we had seafood for dinner. We are live lobster, fish, prawns and squid and everyone only paid less than $15 SGD per person! It was very nice!

Just look at the food!

Nusa Penida was as pretty if not prettier than some Australia’s coastal attractions. Just look at all the shots!

It was really fun, we rode motorcycles down to the waterfall. Had some really nice time. My friend wanted a photo with a stranger so I helped. Fish and chips was nice! It was really worth getting a bit sun burned for it.

We then returned and I bought a singlet and shorts to wear for the trip. It was nice!

We then spent the last day shopping for some souvenirs for home. Our guide brought us around and I managed to buy some nice stuff for home and friends.

It was a very fun trip. I will definitely be back to Indonesia. HAHA! 🙂



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