=701= Review: Meteor Garden 2018

AHAHAHA! Don’t judge me, but I actually finished the whole series. So yeah, since I invested 49 episodes of my life to this, might as well give it a review.

So in case you don’t know this drama, it is a remake of the Taiwan Meteor Garden, which was quite a buzz quite some time ago. It is based on a Japanese comic and it already have a Japanese and Korean version. So why is Meteor Garden 2018 cool? Mainly because the Taiwan version was very long ago, so the production wasn’t very high back then. Remaking the series just gives it a second chance to make a higher quality product. Oh I forgot to mention that this remake is done by China, so I was really looking forward to it, considering how the recent China movies have really high production value.

So let me start of with the bad. Actually if anyone asks me if they should watch it, I would actually say no! HAHA! This is because it is too draggy and it just has way too many cliches and I was cringing so often during the drama. The script was really bad too. So many lines felt unnatural and forced. Perhaps it was a directing decision, perhaps it was something else, but certain lines just wasn’t tight. I think the Taiwan version had a tighter script as they were producing something with a shorter timeline/less episodes.

Ok on to the good bah. If you can look past the cliche drama scenes and cringe dialogue, this drama has quite a lot done right.

Let’s start with character design. I actually think that they did a very good job with the characters. I think the first immediate improvement from the Taiwan version was the differentiation of the members of the F4. The original had 4 dudes with the same hair, it was really hard to tell them apart from the first episode. This time, they did it from the start. Be it clothing or hair or face shape, they differentiated the F4 so clearly that you could almost tell their personalities from their appearance alone. On the development of them, I cannot say much because I haven’t watch much of the Taiwan version.

Videography! Man, their quality is dope. It isn’t just about bokeh in your shots, they really know what kind of effects to use to express emotion. The Taiwan version really fall short in this aspect, but you know, it was many years back and I am sure the China version had a lot more Budget!

To give it credit, I really enjoyed the last few episodes. The first few were extremely draggy. Taking about 20 episodes until they finally officially got together, but the last few, somehow the script got tighter and the acting felt more realistic. Even the cheesy romantic scenes felt more comfortable because the chemistry was there.

The soundtrack of this drama was very good! I think soundtracks of a series needs to have quite a few or at least better sounding ones. This drama was overloaded with choice. They have quite a lot of new tracks that they used which clearly fit the mood and emotion of the scene and on top of that, they also used the soundtrack of the Taiwan version, which just helps people relate.

Ok lah, the drama is alright, don’t expect a very tight one, but the characters are very good looking and I actually think that certain side stories about other couples were more interesting than the main pair! So yeah, just see if you wanna watch it lor 49 episodes!


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