=703= Word: Closure

I have been going around WordPress, trying to find certain people. Perhaps I really just wanted to know how they are and what they were thinking.

I wonder if me searching like this mean that I am not settled with certain things? I really want closure, but I guess I just don’t have the luxury of that.

To person A. I have no idea if you even know this site. Even if you do, I doubt you follow it much. If you ever ever see this, this is what I want to say. I was hurt by you. I think I deserve more than just a text after 4 months. I apologise for being so cowardly, for not being able to express how I feel. I think if I was more mature, I would have handled the situation a lot better. Forgive me of my immaturity and cowardice.

To person B. I am sorry for being rash. I am sorry for being unclear. I am sorry for handling the situation poorly. I am however, hurt. I just want a proper time when I can say what I want to say. Forgive me for being impulsive.

To person C. I am sorry for demanding things. I am sorry for being manipulative. Using your own words against you. I should have understood that you were uncomfortable. I was hurt whenever I feel that I am not getting what I am giving. Forgive me for my manipulative ways.

If the good God is willing, I really want to have some time to apologise. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much now, but I just think that we could be mature and handle it better.

Lord, please heal these wounds.