=704= Reflections: Beijing 2018

Once again, it will really be nice if you could take a few minutes to take a look at my photos from Beijing over here!

This should conclude my year of traveling! Really quite a lot this year! First to Taiwan, then to KL, then to Indo, finally to Beijing. Maybe JB will be soon too.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Beijing! I enjoyed Beijing more than Taiwan!

Scenery wise, Beijing wins! Beijing was so big! We probably only covered a fraction of the attractions! Even so, the ones that we covered were so nice! The Forbidden City was crazy big! We took two hours to walk from one end to the other, only to realise that there were more buildings at the sides! :O The Summer Palace was pretty and we took VERY long to walk around the place too. It was crazy how big the place was! Then, The Great Wall of China, enough said! It was very beautiful. The mountains around it, and the wall were both very nice! The wall was so huge, we walked less than a quarter of it and we were already so tired. Then we went to gubei water town and simatai. It was so pretty. Kinda like a Chinese Venice!

Food wise, debatable! China has its own night market scene, selling things like fried scorpions and cow insides. It is interesting, the normal stuff are pretty cool too! Well, if you heard about my Taiwan experience, you will know that I am not that big a fan of their street food. So probably draw or Taiwan winning just a bit!

I was pleasantly surprised with English everywhere! It was very much needed! HAHA! So kudos!

There were many people doing jobs that I have never expected. People standing near the machines to change money because the machine doesn’t accept certain value. People that stand at the escalator to direct people to the right door. Perhaps Singapore is just too efficient at utilising our staff.

The weather was crazy cold though! Averaging around 8 degrees in the day. At night it will drop down to 0/-2. When at simatai, it was so cold, my phone went from fully charged to 0 within an hour, without even using it AT ALL! Crazy cold! I was wearing Long Johns, a thick t-shirt, a winter jacket and windbreaker! Being prepared for this, I thought that it wasn’t as bad as Indo.

The Peking duck there was superb! We loved a restaurant named, SiJiMingFu! The prawns were to die for and the duck was crazy good!

We had like 4 ducks in 6 days so yea! 😂

I must have eaten too oily and much because I actually vomited out my lunch on the plane; filling up half the airsickness bag. After that, I had really bad appetite for 2 days. Breakfast barely finished half a bowl of porridge!

Oh well, Beijing was very nice! 🙂 Will probably go back there after a LONGGGG time, but will look forward to it! 🙂