=707= Reflections: Value

I have been raving about this series that I started watching; Terrace House. It is a Japanese reality TV show where they put 6 strangers—3 men and 3 women—in a beautiful house with automobiles. It is unique because you get to watch the shows with commentators! Kinda like a react on a TV show. They would watch one segment and the commentators would dissect certain scenes, etc etc! It is pretty good! I really enjoy watching for the commentators! AHAHA!

So in the Boy And Girls In The City series of terrace house, there was an incident known as the meat incident.

Uchi, a hair dresser, had received expensive steaks from a client. The client was really happy with the service that his company had given and actually sent meat all the way down from Nagoya to Tokyo to them. Uchi having told his girlfriend that it was from a client, assumed that she knew that the meat was important to him.

However, Minori, Uchi’s girlfriend, decided to use the fancy meat for dinner one night. There were no other groceries at the house, so she just decided to use it, leaving none for Uchi. When Uchi came back and realised that there weren’t any of his meat left, he was furious!

Another member who ate the meat apologised to him. He explained that he did not like that something so precious to him was handled so easily without any thought. It may just be meat to them, but it meant a whole lot more than that to him. It meant that the client was appreciative of his work. He really worked very hard, so having received a gift like that meant a lot to him. Having it handled like that made him feel that they just wasted his hard work. He also gave an example. How would you like if someone handled something that someone special gave that easily?

It just proves to say that the value of something is what one puts to it.

Let us think of something mundane, perhaps paper! On surface, a piece of paper is what it is, paper. In fact to someone buying paper, it may be better to have it plain. Plain paper may have more value! However, now think of a contract, a driving license slip or a result slip or perhaps even a receipt, I am sure all these paper have greater value than plain paper. Be it practical(eg, warranty) or sentimental.

Let us think of music! To a normal person, a song may just be what it is, a song. To a musician, it may be the first song that they ever played on their instrument. To a Husband, perhaps it was the first song that the couple had danced to. To the person who recorded the track, it may be their first record that they put out. Surely the song is worth more than $0.99 to them.

Imagine you receiving a gift from someone you like, perhaps some food, I am sure you would want to at least have a bit of the food, even if you are willing to share.

May we understand value in things!