=716= Word: The Moment

“When was the moment you knew that you cannot trust that person?”

“When was the moment you knew you like her?”

“When was the moment you decided to do this job?”

It just seems that in our culture, we celebrate the exact moment when certain things happen. If you asked me when was the moment I decided to play drums, I would always say my mum asked me to learn something during the holidays and I chose drums.

Perhaps moments like this changes our lives drastically. When put to choose between two options and you choose one. Why did I choose my course in poly? I was struggling between two courses. Product design or Audio Visual Technology, I sat down and talked to my mum and she broke down the options for me. The thing was that product design clearly had more plus points, but I decided to go for AVT instead, simply because I wanted to learn more.

Other moments aren’t so definitive. When did you two become good friends? Honestly, when it comes to friendships, I really don’t know how it would get stronger. My good friends just got closer due to several incidents. There was never a definite moment. Perhaps there was a moment or an incident that helped bring people together, but I am sure it isn’t just because of that moment. If it was only because of one moment, man, you will probably go down deep VERY fast.

Why do we want to know when exactly certain things happen? Are we all looking for a very special story? What if the special story is just a mundane thing?

When did you meet?

Oh, we met in class/army/tekong.

Oh, we were in class and he was the best student for math, I needed help with math so I went up to him for help!

Oh we were cleaning toilets in tekong together then I heard him singing RHCP, then we just sang together without knowing each other.

Perhaps even the mundane moment can become significant when held with sentiment. An ordinary pen won’t be ordinary to you if given by someone special.

Perhaps we look back to these moments and we miss the experience we had. It isn’t a bad thing. We just love what these moments mean to us.

Perhaps there was never a single point or a milestone for certain things. Maybe if someone asks you, when did you decide to pursue music. Maybe you will scramble to find an answer. Perhaps there were too many moments. I guess when those time come, we just have to stand firm and share as many as we can and have the other party try and figure it out. I mean, why must we do all the legwork? AHAHA

If life is meant for the moments, God has given me plenty already and I give thanks. Praise you Lord, for my moments are all blessed by you.