=717= Word: Beyond My Power

“It is beyond my power to do this,” Joseph replied. “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”
Genesis 41:16 NLT

I love this verse. When brought before pharaoh and when the pharaoh asked Joseph if he could interpret dreams, Joseph could have easily answered yes. He could simply say, “yeah, I interpreted two dreams before and it came true! I can try to interpret yours!”

Instead, Joseph came before pharaoh with such humility and gave God the credit. Of course he isn’t putting himself down. He isn’t saying that he has no power of his own. Surely he can do things a human being can, but interpreting dreams is beyond what a human being can do. With this, he not only gave God credit, he gave God control; with this he relied on God’s power not his own.

What a vast difference from the guy that told his brothers his dream that they will bow down to him.

You will read on and see that Joseph did not nominate himself to be governor. All he did was give advice for an intelligent and wise person to govern Egypt. If a prisoner that was just called up to interpret one dream, no way would he expect to be in that role to govern the whole land.

The whole seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. Then having the people give one fifth of their crops for the whole seven years must have been painful for the people of Egypt. Think of all the complaints from the people. I doubt all of them know about the king’s dream. If they don’t know about the dream, wouldn’t they be bitter towards the king? Perhaps the seven years of prosperity was really that great that it wasn’t that bad, but surely there will be disagreements to the decree.

I wonder how many people got unhappy and left the country? I wonder how many people got angry with the king?

When you read further, you will see more about how people practically gave everything they had in return for food to keep the them alive. I wonder how many people got bitter with the officials? I wonder how many refused to give up their cattle? I wonder how many refused to give up their land?

To those that gave up everything to survive, they were so thankful to pharaoh for saving their lives that they were volunteering to become pharaoh servants.

In a sense, I see a parrallel to salvation. Indeed God has set out to save us. However, the price isn’t cheap. Of course Jesus paid the price, but learning to become more like Him isn’t easy at all. To be more like Christ requires us to give up things that we seemingly need. Perhaps giving up bad habits that are part of your identity. Giving up certain addictions. After giving it up to be more like Christ, we realise what is truly important, our salvation.

When we find that we get to keep our lives and that the rest of the seemingly important things does not seem as important as before, we praise God for His faithfulness.

Indeed Lord, it is beyond my power to do so!


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