=718= Thanksgiving: Reunion Dinner

I actually remembered that I really didn’t used to like reunion dinners. It was just an awkward time meeting people I don’t meet for the rest of the year. I even have trouble remembering who is who. We often have to greet our uncles and aunties, but for the Chinese, we have to greet them by name/position in the family. Things like 姑姑, 三姨. It all matters. Things will get awkward if I greet them with the wrong position. So I often just greet them after my sister. So I won’t say the wrong thing.

I am not exactly close to my cousins as well. We come every year and we don’t exactly talk like a typical Chinese Asian family. The only thing fun was playing card games after the dinner and even so, we still are not that close.

This year, I think our entire family has grown up and I am really thankful for having the reunion dinner. Perhaps it is a sign that I have grown up. It is nice to have a family to return to. Even though we may not be close, we still come back each year to meet each other. This kind of commitment to tradition continued even after my grandmother had passed away. We see the elders telling the young ones that we are holding our chopsticks wrong. We see the amount and type of food they cooked, there are roots in my blood displayed in the food that was prepared because those were the dishes that my father’s side enjoys. Truly when we come back each year, I enjoy and appreciate it more each year.

I guess it is a sense of familiarity and belonging that made me feel that it is such a nice thing to do. Without thinking much about it, I have indeed grown up together with all these people. They were probably my first friends. Amazing isn’t it? That blood brings a bond unlike no other. That blood is able to keep a friendship going for all my life.

Truly blood is thicker than water.

Everyone has matured a bit. Many of my cousins have started working. One even got married. Even though there were additions to the family, it felt really nice still.

Father, please help me to maintain this good practice and tradition. Help me to grow together with my cousins. Thank you so much O Lord!