=721= Word: Good Music

I have been listening to my new Beatles album, “1” the 2015 remixed version and I am so thankful! I bought a few Beatles album in Vietnam the last time I was there and their mixing was REALLY hard to listen to. To be fair, they were the pioneers of stereo music, it is fair for their tracks to be a little strange for our time.

The 2015 remixed version was a needed version though! HAHA! Bless Giles Martin for remixing the tracks! They really sound very nice!

It really kind of gotten me thinking about what exactly is good music and playing?

Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles, doesn’t have the best technique as a drummer, bit he is the drummer for the biggest rock band of his time. If you have an educator watch him play, there will be several things that he would immediately correct, for example, the way he leads with his left hand and as a result cannot play fills in a certain way or accurately you may say. However, it is the way he played those left hand led fills that he had his own sound!

Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones, certainly doesn’t have the best technique either! He would lift up his right hand whenever he hits the backbeat. If an educator saw that, he confirm tell the student that he is doing that and should stop. However, him doing that became a thing and some engineers actually like that!

As a drummer, we set the time and control dynamics, but I think we also set the vibe and direction. When we play a fill, the more experienced we are, the more likely that the fill will sound good, expressing the emotion that we want to. I think Ringo and Charlie were people that were masters of setting the vibe.

Isn’t it sad that even though music is getting better sounding, we are experimenting less?

I hear the songs that the Beatles play and I get a bit thrown off sometimes with their funky stuff, but it is stuff that is really challenging and musical!

I hope that as I grow as a musician, I will continue to discover and try new things! May I never stop exploring!

Thank you so much Lord!


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