=722= Word: Character

Something that always reveals character is when something unexpected happens not according to your plan. How you take the news, how you treat the people around you, how you do things, it all really shows.

A typical thing that always happens is this. When a messenger delivers bad news, the common thing to do is to take it out on the messenger, though the messenger was just doing his job. Why is it that we feel the need to take it out on someone, even though the person isn’t involved in anyway whatsoever?

How someone takes responsibility and do work really shows character as well. Let’s say there are two workers, they both do the same admin job.

A does his bare minimum, he takes his time to do work because he doesn’t want his boss to see him not busy. Whenever there is still work unfinished, he doesn’t give a care about it and leaves work without even giving his boss a notice. When he faces trouble that isn’t part of his job scope, he ignores it and leaves. When he gets into trouble due to some mistakes in his work, he pushes the blame to someone else.

B does his best, he tries to get as much done as quickly as possible. Once he is done with work, he submits it to his boss, but because of that, he gets more work than A. He always let his boss know the status of his work before leaving. Giving assurance to the boss that he will be ready by a certain date. Whenever he sees someone needing help, he offers his assistance even at his own cost. Whenever he gets into trouble, B always admits it and promise to do better.

Who would you rather work for you if you were the boss? The answer is pretty clear.

Sometimes it really isn’t about the rank or appointment you are at. Sometimes character outshines the role we play. We may be the lowest of the lows in terms of rank, perhaps we are the interns of a company, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give our lowest quality of work. A gem needs to be refined, don’t expect to get there without some elbow grease.

In fact, I think everyone should try and do a manual labour job, just to treasure what they have.

May our character outshine the role we play!