=726= Word: Plans

Indeed Lord, our human plans are nothing like your plans.

I have been pondering about how much I have learned and I am amazed that God had done so much for me. I never would have thought that my dream to become a drummer that plays on stage would develop into learning how to be a sound engineer and song writing.

Perhaps I have been dreaming too little.

I sometimes struggle to reconcile that God’s decision is better than mine. I sometimes regret making the wise choices in my life because I see other people having the things I want while neglecting the wisdom in it.

Now that I envy such things, there is a need to stop. Stop regretting in the decisions you have made. God has given you wisdom so why are you complaining? He knows better. He knows that having those things is not going to help you in your walk. Stop. Remember the things He has given you. Remember the troubles that He has gotten you out of. Stop. Trust in the one that knows your heart and your life.

When life don’t go the way you want it to. Remember that you have someone that directs your life. That He knows your heart and loves you.

God loves you. How can you forget?

Why run to things that don’t last when you have someone that will never change?

Be still my heart. God loves you more than you think.