=732= Word: Blessing

I always wondered about Jacob and Esau’s blessings. Isaac blessed Jacob what he meant to bless Esau and when Esau came in, why didn’t Isaac just bless Esau with the same words that he blessed Jacob with?

I was writing cards to my platoon and I realised that I don’t write the same things to everyone. I don’t just go, “Thanks for the time spent, will miss you, bye bye!”

I have a personally crafted message for each person. Each person has journeyed with me for my time in army and I have seen certain things and so I offer different blessings to people. For a person that spends too much money, I hope that he will be more wise with his money. For a person that is going to work, I hope that he does well in his job.

In that sense, it doesn’t make sense if I gave the same blessing to everyone. Not everyone needs to be more wise with money, not everyone will start work, so why should everyone get the same blessing?

Giving the same blessing kinda questions credibility in the person too. For example, you recommend one person for a job to your friend. You tell your friend that this person is the best person for the job, he can do the job better than everyone else you know. How would it look like if after recommending that person, you recommend another person, claiming that he is the best person for the job too? It just shows that you are not a reliable judge and you exaggerated things.

Let’s bring the analogy further, what if you accidentally recommended the wrong person, let’s say they both guys had the same name and the person you were referring to is the wrong guy. Imagine if your friend had already hired the guy and you realised that it was the wrong person. You will have to explain to him that you recommend the wrong person, but the fact of the matter is that the person is already hired. The right person would have to find a different job, unless the employer decides otherwise.

I also have been thinking about what exactly are blessings and curses. It certainly isn’t just buying something for someone. Cursing isn’t just, may this happen to you. I wonder does complimenting someone also equate under blessing? I wonder does saying mean words to people equate to a curse?

A curse isn’t conditional as we can see how Jesus cursed the tree. It wasn’t a “if you do not grow fruit, die!” It was a “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.”

Cursing and blessing are somewhat similar. I think both requires declaration. May you grow and lead. May you never have to worry about what you eat. May you never bear fruit again!

What we declare in God’s name is very powerful. May we have the wisdom to bless or curse accordingly.