=738= Word: Pray

There is a lesson that I learned the past week, to remain loving and kind, without any prejudice, you need to pray. There are so many instances when the words you speak will not be godly or wise because of your personal attachment to a problem.

Imagine a friend complains about this dude that you don’t like. It is all too easy to diss the person and give bad advice. There is a need to be impartial.

Now let’s say this church member complains about this leader about the things he say. Perhaps he questioned his faith and he don’t like it. Before giving advice, one should pray.

When you pray, you take on God’s perspective and His heart on things. It will help you give advice out of love and not personal likes or dislikes.

May we be careful with the advice we give and the words we say in the name of the Lord.



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