=739= Thanksgiving: Stage 2

Stage 2 was a tedious process, I had to do quite a bit of reading and had to really practice very hard to film that video. Thank you for blessing me with such great teachers. Lord, thank you for your delayed blessings.

I always get confused to where is the line when I should have faith and when I should expect things would happen. As long as I have faith of a mustard seed, I can move mountains right?

However, when I pray against bad weather, when I command the skies to stop pouring, how would I know when to expect things to happen? If it continues to rain, do I have little faith?

I think this is a struggle for many. Why do some people get healed and some don’t?

An attitude that I always see with modern day healers is that they would pray, if it happens, praise God, if it doesn’t, they move on. It is certainly wise to not dwell on it. Like for song writing, I always simply record whatever I get inspired to come up with. Whether I use that melody or not is a separate question. If I dwelled on one melody, trying to develop it to a full song, I would have never written some of my favourite lyrics. Perhaps our prayer is just like that recording, whether they get healed is a separate issue from the prayer. Healing doesn’t come from us, healing comes from above. The more people we pray for the better we get at it.

Perhaps faith is practicing something God said will work again and again. Faith is practicing it even though it did not work. God said it will work, I have faith in God and not the healing.

Something that I have been doing constantly is what I was taught on healing by PsM. A 3 step process.

  1. Cover myself/person I am praying for with the blood of Jesus.
  2. Bind the works of the evil one.
  3. Command the pain to leave. (Not ask God to remove the pain, you command it to move)

Ever since then, I have always done it, be it my eczema or an ache, I have always tried it. To be honest, most of the time it doesn’t work.

I applied it to other things aside from healing too. Whenever it rains without warning, I would command the clouds to hold the rain until I reach home. Once again, it doesn’t work most of the time. Perhaps it sounds silly bah, but Jesus said that if I have the faith of a mustard seed I can ask a mountain to move and it will move. If he said that, I am going to try it until I see it work.

Today I saw it work twice.

Today, once we reached the sunrise spot, it was extremely cloudy and it started to rain. I then commanded it to stop. My friends thought that I was joking, but I really wasn’t. I had a thought that it will stop raining and it will show the view. However, even after sunrise, which we couldn’t see due to the clouds, it was still extremely cloudy and there was no trace of the nice view. I then checked the weather forecast, it said that the clouds won’t clear until 8am. So after waiting for a while, we made a decision to go down. Halfway down, the sky began to clear a slight bit, my guide told me that he thinks that it will clear, after much thought, I still decided to descend further. However, it really did clear up.

It was until later that I remembered the thought of the clear view. I regretted descending.

It reminded me of the Israelites refusing to claim the promised land. God told them to, they refused, God cursed their entire generation to be unable to see the promised land except Joshua and Caleb. They regretted their actions and attacked and lost terribly.

I think the lesson is to listen to what God says and not what we as humans would say, or perhaps an app would predict. How to discern whether it is God is a different issue altogether.

Next important lesson is that if you made the wrong choice, don’t look back, move on. If the Israelites had not attacked after refusing, perhaps they would not have lost their lives.

Perhaps that is why lukewarm people are despised, because they wouldn’t choose either side and as a result, they get neither.

The second is fantastic, I was struggling really hard before my trip to Indo to do up a video. I spent 4 hours trying to do it up and I just couldn’t do it. My sister and mother were commenting that my temper was really bad at that point. In the end, I decided to do it after the trip. Praise the Lord for blessing me. I am no longer required to. Praise to you Lord.

Thank you for so much favour in my way O Lord! You are amazing.

Indo is amazing by the way! AHAHA!