=740= Word: Entitlement

There is this toxic quality that I see so often and it really annoys the heck out of my being. The quality of entitlement.

When you expect certain things to happen and when they don’t you get angry or annoyed. When you feel you are so entitled that you think that you are above certain job scopes.

I have been thinking, I rather be a cleaner that is happy with work and pay than to be a finance manager that is unhappy with his pay and is stressed out everyday.

When you feel entitled, it is just so sad to see how thoughtless you can be. I wonder will there ever be a time when you will be brought down and be humbled?

The entitled are selfish because they think that they deserve it. Truth is that no one owes you anything. Nothing comes easy and it is just so sad to see people not knowing that.

Let me just point out that being easygoing isn’t the same as being lazy. Everyone can see body language and hear tone. It is disheartening to see people put on the facade of being easygoing, but gets irritated with simple things.

-sigh- O my heart, please be still within me.



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