=742= Stories to Tell: Ugly Wife

“Mum, why must I be engaged to Lisa? Why couldn’t you arrange me to be married to a prettier girl instead?” Roy complained.

Mum was shocked and responded, “Roy, shame on you for saying that! Lisa is a great girl, she may not be prettier than most girls, but she is very good at managing a house! Just look at her family! All the cleaning and cooking are done by her! She has such a patient heart, it will be good for you, for you are always so impatient.”

“But Mum she is ugly! Just look at Tom! His wife is so pretty, why can’t I have such a wife?” Roy argued.

“Oh, don’t you dare start on your brother now! So what is so good about Mary? She may be pretty, but she doesn’t cook! Her temper is horrible! Remember dinner two weeks ago? She was showing that black face because we did not serve her favourite garlic bread. Trust me Son, having a well mannered wife will be good for you!”

“Mum, can’t you find someone that is pretty and nice?”

“Roy, the world doesn’t revolve around you! Who knows how long finding such a girl would take? Your father and I have been praying for your spouse for a long time. We have talked to several potential woman for you and we think that Lisa is the best woman for you! You will be lucky to have such a noble woman!”

“I don’t want a noble woman, I want someone that is pretty! Someone attractive! I want other people to admire me!”

“Son, why is your heart so evil? Remember that we are all created by God. We are all given different things from God. What good is physical beauty? Will she remain attractive 40 years later? What good is a wife that makes other envious and covet? What good is a woman that entices other men? What good is a woman that causes other people to sin? Stop desiring such evil things my Son. Look to God, may He bless you with a new heart. Do not chase after the things of this world. Chase after things that will last forever.”

“Mum, I understand where you are coming from, but my heart is so conflicted.”

“Dear Son, the heart is deceitful. Not only that, it is forgetful. Why covet over things that your brother have? There is so much to give thanks for, why are you not content? Love God my Son. Do not despise Lisa. She is a noble woman that your father and I have chosen for you. She will support you through hard times. She will correct you when you are wrong. She will love your children and you immeasurably. Spend more time with her, you will realise that she is more than just her looks.”

“Mum, please pray for me. I want to love Lisa, but my heart isn’t letting me. Perhaps I don’t know how to. I just get so bitter whenever I see Tom and his wife. She is so pretty and I want her for myself. However, I know that it is wrong and I will stop myself. Please help me.”

“Roy, my dear Son, of course I will pray for you. You know what is wrong and you avoid it. I am proud that you know the difference. Don’t worry about loving Lisa. God loves you no? Start with something simple, perhaps just buy her a stalk of flower once a week and spend some time together to talk. The Lord brings unlikely people together. You know that, remember Jason? You found it so hard to work with him that first year, but after that, you guys became such great friends. So why is that impossible for you and Lisa?”

“That is true. Mum, thank you for your wisdom. Please pray for us.”

“Yes dear, of course I will.”



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