=751= Reflections: Gig

Oh gosh, I just realised that I never posted this, this was dated back on 21 June. This was supposed to be post 747, so oh well!

Hmm, I just came back from my first gig ever and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

The gig today was probably the most songs I have ever played in a set. I had to play 13 songs. In total, I prepared 16 songs to play. Some songs were challenging. Some songs were quite repetitive. Perhaps it was just because we did not work out our transitions and what to say in between, but I dunno, it was really quite depressing to see the whole crowd just look at you indifferently while you play your music.

I dunno, maybe I was expecting too much for a first gig. It was really quite sian to see people not singing along or bobbing their heads. Like I felt that I was playing someone else’s song and like it had no purpose ah.

In church, we play to lead the congregation into worship. We play, they sing along, we read the atmosphere and encourage people to sing. Just like how when a congregation feels dead you will feel hard to guild them, that was a similar feeling. Maybe I have been in my shell for too long. Almost all the performance pieces that I was involved in was with an audience that is engaged. Be it a school’s concert or a special song to celebrate my teacher’s ‘graduation.’

I was chatting with L and J the other day, I asked if they have ever felt a sense of release after playing for worship. Both of them agreed that they have felt that on many occasions. In retreat, during one of our sets, Ps R led an exhortation and the band flowed really well. When we ended, I felt this sense of release in my spirit. I looked over and YH was smiling at me and I knew that he felt the same.

Even though I played 3 sets in a row for retreat, I was tired, sure, but I knew that my playing was for a purpose. At the end of it, I did not feel empty, for this set it did.

I wonder how do people get enough motivation to do this for a living? It really isn’t easy.

Perhaps I was also a bit discouraged because the set didn’t go as well as I hope. However, I think it felt a bit different. When 53A played and we all felt small, I felt empty as well. They were great man, how I wish I could play as well.

Though there is a need to acknowledge that we don’t gig full time and we did not get the same equipment that they were using. We also did not have a keyboardist. Not having a keyboardist really suck, songs feel empty and it was really restricting for some of the guitarist to try to play some of the keyboard’s parts.

Oh well, I must say that the whole gig went by faster than I thought, before I knew it, we were at our last song. 13 songs man and I thought that it would overrun the programme, but it did not.

I was thinking that perhaps giging would be a viable option of freelance work in the future, but I am not too sure I will enjoy it. :/

It is the first time I tried gigging, so you know, perhaps I am being too harsh. Let me see how in school bah.

A bright side to all the hard work was that I think the band got pretty close. It was nice to be able to have fun with people that loves music as much as I do. So yeah! All is good. If got more opportunities, it would be dope.

Lord, will you make me a better musician?


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