=756= Word: Seriousness Vs Fun

Seriousness is not the absence of Fun.

Being serious about something doesn’t mean that it will not be fun. Being serious is respecting something or someone. For example, it is possible to have fun playing music, but the fun of it could come from respecting music enough to prepare as much as possible.

Knowing when to be serious and when to have fun is important too. I can play around all I want during rehearsal, but during the actual thing, there is a need to uphold standards.

When one is serious about something, they would put in more effort to achieve it. The more effort they put in, the more they would grow. I have grown to understand that action is just as important as intention.

I remember my first internship, I was in a new environment, I had no experience whatsoever. When all the guys started work, I was just standing around, not because I was lazy, but because I was scared I would spoil something. However, my supervisor pulled me aside to ask me if I wanted to learn. After that, I just did what I was told to do.

My intention was a good one, but my actions just showed that I was lazy.

Another example would be to be serious about a relationship. When you are serious about such a thing, you would try your very best to be the best person you can be. Is being serious worth it? Of course it is.

Discipline is so important. I think back to all my students. I have this girl, her parents were so hard on her, but as a result, she is the most polite most hardworking little girl I have ever met. She was taught to be serious when she learns and my am I impressed with her.

I have another student, often distracted, always felt bored because she had no idea what she was doing. She got bored and she wasn’t listening to instruction at all. At the end of the day, she did not learn a single thing from the session.

Just because something is hard and difficult to understand, doesn’t give you an excuse to be whiny and uninterested. Among my students, the hardest to teach were the students that thinks they know. Think that they know the best way for them to learn is. Think that they know that what I am telling them to do is ridiculous.

How does that make any sense? If you have no understanding of something, how do you know the best way to learn that something?

It is indeed difficult to make someone interested in something they are not. However, discipline shapes one to be humble and eventually gain so much more in the future.

Lord, help me to be patient. Help me teach better. Thank you Lord.


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