=757= Word: Worth

I recently saw this meme. The meme was asking, “If you were to receive 14 million, but in return, never hear any song from Beyonce ever again, would you do it?”

The punch line was, “So I would receive 14M for my life now?”

Haha, well, I was thinking about it. What if I were to receive 14 million and in exchange never hear any song from my favourite artistes ever again? Will I do it?

I honestly have no idea. I honestly cannot imagine not listening to Mayday ever again. On the other hand, with 14 million, there is so much I could do. I could buy new equipment, I can set up a place and run my dream.

So it is only fair to ask, “what is the worth of music?”

How is it that a cd, worth $20, can be considered against 14 million?

A similar video had a person going around to dog owners asking if they would sell their dog for a sum of money. All of the owners rejected any offer. How can that be? A dog that you paid for a few thousands cannot even be compared to any amount offered?

Let us think of another scenario. Would you sell your own child for a billion dollars? Almost immediately many people would stop you and scold you for even suggesting to buy someone.

How can that be? A billion dollars. That is probably more than what you will ever earn in your lifetime, or probably several lifetimes. How is it that a human cannot even be compared to a billion dollars?

The reason is that it isn’t always about money is it?

Worth isn’t the monetary value that it is priced at. Worth is the value that you put into something.

How is it that God would give up divinity to come down and die for us? Divinity and power to create anything to create time, to know everything. How is it even possible to compare that power to the humans that he created?

Because you are worth it.

Because God put the value in you.

I am worth it because God loves me.

Oh how amazing love is.

Thank you for loving me O Lord.


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