=758= Word: Teachers

People need to remember that teachers are not your cheerleaders, they are not only there to tell you how great you are at things.

The role of a teacher is one that requires correction. One should really stop thinking that they know. Be humble to be willing to listen to learn. It definitely can be frustrating when you are not getting something, but correction is for a good reason. Don’t be so stubborn to think that there is no difference.

Imagine a teacher instructed you to draw a straight line. You try your very best to draw a straight line without your teacher instructing you how. You try with all your might to do it, but you couldn’t. Imagine your teacher trying to get your attention to stop you from doing so much extra work. All he needs to say is “use a ruler.”

Something as fundamental as drawing a line could have tools to help, just be humble to learn. Why think that you know?

It is quite sad.