=760= Word: Qualities of the Best Musician

I apologise for that depressing post, let me lighten up the mood for a dream ok? 🙂

Let me list down qualities of the best musician:

  1. Listen more than they speak
  2. Laugh together with each other at mistakes
  3. Encouraging
  4. Always prepare for a set
  5. Have fun with band mates
  6. Reacts to whatever little thing your band mates do
  7. Brings fresh ideas to the floor
  8. Always trying to push yourself to play something interesting
  9. Meticulous at noticing details that people miss out
  10. Disciplined during soundcheck

=759= Melancholic Reflections: More Questions

Sometimes you walk out of a class with more questions than answers.

The question was “how do you have better time?”

My teacher asked Macro or Micro.

Micro refers to note to note accuracy. For note to note accuracy, one has to be conscious of how even your hand is playing. To practice this, one has to hear the way certain note values should sound like and be playing with the same motion. Practicing with a off note click helps your brain to perceive evenness in timing as well.

Macro refers to keeping tempo over time. A gap click helps. It requires confidence, experience and judgement. Qualities that are really hard to teach.

I mean, how do you help someone with nerves? How do you help someone with stage fright? Distraction? Imagination? Assurance?

A good student is a person that realises how much he has to learn. It is an extremely humbling process, to start noticing weaknesses, to forfeit the stripes that you have earned through the years and just be willing to be corrected again and again until you are doing it right.

It is really frustrating because I have tried what was suggested. The next question is how long? When will I finally have good time?

Same goes for living. How does one train to live righteously? There is things to do and things not to do. After all these years, the issue that I face is that I am still not righteous. When will I be considered as righteous? When will I be considered as a good reliable man?

Why is it so much easier for other people? Why is it so hard for me o Lord?

I have never been the best musician, but I have tried my best to make up for it by being the most hardworking guy on the band. The amount of prep I do now is WAY more than I did when I was young and somehow, it is still not enough.

The pain of a musician, when will it stop?

Lord, help me.