=762= Word: Personality Clash

Have you ever been in a situation when you just can’t seem to get along with someone?

It is quite a strange occurrence. They can be nice, friendly and as motivated, but somehow, you seem to clash with the person. How? Is it really just a difference in personality?

Perhaps I have been doing this making friends thing for a long while, I kinda expect a certain reaction for certain actions. Like if I make a joke, I expect either laughter or eyes rolling. I get absolutely stuck when someone just doesn’t react.

So can you imagine two people both expect their actions will get certain reactions, but neither gives such reactions. How awkward would it be.

How does one even approach such a problem?

Hopefully with time, things will resolve nicely.


=761= Word: Musical Sense

Before I talk about musical sense, I just wanna say that it is pretty cool to have a group of people so passionate about music to gather together to strive for something bigger than ourselves. It was really really cool to hear different people interpret my song differently from what I intended. Giving my words and my melodies a different life.

Very thankful for this group of friends, may we strive for the best.

I was thinking recently that how good a drummer sounds depends on how good the band sounds. Something that sounds good on your own may not necessarily sound good in a band.

How does one get this musical sense to know what or what not to play?

This is as difficult a question to ask as “how to have better time?”

Such questions is beyond what to play as notes. Such questions has to deal with human practice.

I guess musical sense is honed by what you think is nice. You will have to judge for yourself what sounds good and what doesn’t.

I was very fortunate to have L in my early drumming years, having him as a benchmark really helped me to have a more refined sense of what is nice and what isn’t.

Such sense is not gained by playing more complicated things. It is gained by understanding music as a whole picture and understanding what you do to create that mood.

It is really important.

I hope my sense will get more and more refined with time!