=764= Word: Paradoxical Emotions and Actions

Back in army, fitness was very important. Even so, there are people that make quite funny excuses when it comes to exercise. The one I thought of is:

“I am unfit, so I don’t exercise.”

Isn’t it such a paradox?

You are unfit, hence, you don’t exercise? But you can only get fit if you exercise.

I have seen some similar paradox.

“I scored badly, I don’t want to study.”

“I performed badly on stage, I don’t wat to practice anymore.”

At this point, I am pretty sure some of you guys will be questioning, “what is wrong with that?”

To be frank, I just went through quite a phase of not wanting to studying because I scored badly. Being a pretty emotional person, it took quite a long time to recover from my failed test. The worse part was that the recovery period was too short. I began a process of procrastinating and trying not to think about work. The hardest thing is to focus and do something you are bad at.

Though there really is merit in that. Doing something you are bad at, helps you get better at it the next time. Being a musician, I remember the times when I feel that I am so bad at my craft. I love drums and music, but it sometimes feels so painful knowing that you are bad at what you want to do.

Hard work doesn’t necessarily equate to results. In school, nothing matters more than results. It is a fair system, but the people get discouraged. Being great at something really takes very thick skin. To be able to fail and fail and fail until you are great at something takes a lot of energy and time.

A mentor once told me that I have this tendency to struggle and fail at something for a long while, but once I got the hang of something, I can do it pretty well.

I hope this is the case for my studies. I have no idea. Right now, I rather be doing something else, but let’s grind a bit. Let’s buckle down and work a bit harder every time.


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