=765= Melancholic Reflections: Waste

Imagine staying up late to do a report. You are passionate about the topic and you have been writing about it for years, you love sharing the information with others. You have been invited to share your report at a event.

Then all of a sudden, the event is cancelled. They are going to go with someone else’s report.


Imagine you are a cell leader, you discovered something new about God and you are excited to share with your cell. You took a few days to prepare for lesson. You bought all the logistics and your co-leader decided to cancel cell that day.


Imagine you are a musician. You respect music and you prepare very hard for a gig. Then on the day itself they decided to go with a different person.


Isn’t it painful to see hard work go to waste?

Isn’t it painful to know that sometimes hardwork doesn’t equate to results?

There are some things that we just cannot control.

You can never grow older than someone older than you.

You can never force someone to like you.

You can never get something done well without hard work.

You can never understand something without learning.

Lord, realign my heart. It may be painful, but ultimately it is for you God. Still I praise you. Father, you are good.


Sometimes I get amazed that JK and I are on such good terms now. We used to be loggerheads during our first year of leading. Perhaps we both grew and we understood each other. I hope for a day when everyone understands everyone.

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