=766= Word: Passion

It sometimes is very clear what you prefer to do. Sometimes passions shows. In my weeks in uni, I found myself spending quite a significant amount of time to be a better musician and producing music.

Honestly, if you ask me what I want to be doing in life, I rather be producing music than to have a high paying job.

I want to teach and strive for original content with budding musicians.

Sure it isn’t something profitable of course, but really money isn’t everything.

Still very far from my dream. I wonder if it will ever come true?


On another note, teaching as a job now really helped me to learn new skills.

Being a music teacher the hardest part most of time isn’t teaching music, the hart part is handling parents and getting kids to be excited and love the instrument.

Learning to express myself more clearly every time a parent shows concern. Learning how to communicate well with parents so that they won’t lose confidence with me. Learning to be patient and not snap at others.

Not only that, being in a community that loves the instrument, I am challenged and inspired every time I attended a company meeting. I met famous drummers that practiced everyday. I have seen impressive performances by people that I used to learn from.

There is so much to learn, I want to continue and be a better musician.


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