=781= Word: Words That Make People Feel Good

Perhaps because of how I was brought up, I never had the habit of saying things just to make people feel good. I am not one to do that.

Of course, I do give out compliments. However, it has to be sincere you know. I never want people to feel as if I am just saying something because I want them to like me.

However, as I grow older, the more I feel the need to present yourself in a proper way. I have always been more relational. I want to build a relationship with you before teaching you. However, being hired in a school that pays you to teach. It is a different ballgame. I have to maintain a professional image for the brand of the school. I have to gain my students’ confidence in me with the short time I have with them. Certain things I say will cause bad implications even if I don’t mean it.

Sometimes I don’t think about what I say. I just say things. I don’t mean any harm, but being a professional requires you to be confident, to know what you are saying and doing. It is honestly more important than I thought.

Instead of saying “oh wow, you have played piano before, I have never played piano in my life.” I could have said, “did you know that many people that play piano pick up drums really fast?”

It is a different way of saying things, but it is one that makes someone feel better.

Sure, quality does speak for itself and of course quality is important, but I think that quality packaged is definitely better.

Hopefully I become a person that is both genuine and good at packaging myself. I think it is necessary.


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