=784= Word: Personal

I remembered how S handled the situation after showing our songs to the whole of QP. He said, “If you have any comments do let us know kindly, because music is very personal.”

Personal. It is such an apt word to use. I always felt that the word “subjective” did not fit the way I felt about things. I once talked to D about mixing and she told me there were times when she felt that the mixes that the SE produces is off, but she did not dare to say anything because she thought that mixing is subjective.

The problem about something being subjective is that it is with context. The way you mix a light ballad will definitely be different from the way you mix metal. Perhaps another example I can think of is how you see the number 6. If you see it upside down you will see the number 9.

Something being personal brings another element in. How much a person values that thing. When I write a song, that song is personal to me, there are reasons why wrote it the way I did. It has nothing to do with being subjective here. I know the story of the song, hence I wrote it in that particular way. It is like someone treasuring a pillow that someone special gave. When someone drops it, it may seem like he is overreacting to something minor, but you know how much that pillow meant, the value is immeasurable.

Indeed music is personal.

I find myself appreciating music more these days. Thank you guys for journeying with me. I learned so much about music from you guys.


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