=788= Word: Frustration

A semester in university is like cramping years of research and math and work into six months.

Perhaps something easier to understand is that it is like cramping 9 years of music grade exam prep into one semester. You are expected to have enough foundation to understand the content fast.

Is this really the best way to learn? There is no effort to make sure that you understand anything. Before you can digest something, you get squashed with more complicated information. Once you pass the module, you are “trained” in that area.

I must say that there are some exceptional lecturers here. Putting so much extra effort to help students to understand. Trying new things to help student know the subject better.

Oh is education really just like this? To rush through learning, to force feed information and make them do things that they are not prepared for?

Lord, I am trying so hard, why is it so difficult to learn?


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