=790= Word: Mentality

“It doesn’t make sense for this to be here and for this to come in here!”

What is a proper arrangement for something? What is the purpose that this note is here during this part of the song?

I understand different genres have different ways of approaching something. Perhaps, you know, to a portrait artist abstract art makes no sense. However, does that mean that abstract art means nothing?

I love how my art teacher always admits what he draws looks nothing like the actual person. We all know that it was amazing how he manage to draw something that looks so close to the actual figure, but he would be the first to admit that the proportions are off. This humility is really needed in the world of art and creativity.

Back in AVT, KL used to say that he can do amazing things with white noise. He claimed that he could make it sound like a snare drum. That has always intrigued me. I finally got down to making my own snare sound from noise. It was very interesting creating an instrument from noise. The snare sound is far from the sound of an actual snare. However, it is a sound that is very new and signature to me. As a drummer, I would want to play every note organically, however I realised that there really is value in supplimenting sound with other sounds. It will make the track fuller and more interesting. Overall, you are serving the music and not yourself.

If I were to carry the mentality of a drummer, I would never been able to create tracks of the standard I have for the production. To work within the limits we have, to bring the best quality we could. That was what we did.

Trust me when I say that we are aware of all the flaws in our songs. We are fully aware that strings don’t sound the way they should when we play the midi sounds on logic. In spite of that, we pushed ourselves. If it doesn’t sound good, we won’t put it in.

Do you seriously think that it is easy?

Music will continue to push itself to reach higher heights. We need to be more open minded about change. Hold our training close to our hearts, take note of what we learn, understand the heart behind it. When I first learn drums, my teacher told me not to drag my stick and let the stick bounce without hitting another note. Now that I have grown as a drummer, I know that by dragging the stick, I can create a sound that can create very nice texture and that can be used in the right context. A musician should know when something is used in context and when something isn’t. Different isn’t bad, different used properly is new.


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