=797= Word: Damage Control

I actually never thought that damage control was that important until recently. It is so essential.

I always reason with just don’t hurt anyone, but I was naive to think it was enough.

Just let us take a look at the Covid situation. It was impossible to prevent it from happening at the source, all we can do is damage control. This damage control is SOOOO important.

This damage control determines the death rate. This damage control determines the countries’ morale and trust in the authorities. This damage control separates the capable from the incompetent.

This goes further to life as well. When you hurt someone, what do you? When you accidentally spoiled or lost something, what will you do?

Just think of the responses that one could have. One could own up to the mistake made or one could deny any relation to the issue. One could blame another. One could take responsibility for another. Of course, some responses are more helpful than others.

There is honestly no need to blame anyone when a situation is too bad. Does it achieve anything? Does it help the situation when you push responsibility to someone else? Come on, man up, work your ass off and fix the problem!

Truly, I have underestimated the importance of damage control. Help em to be wise to know what to do if I ever was put in a situation where I have to do damage control.


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