Melancholic Reflections

Hey there! For those who reads my blog, you will find that I would constantly post these Melancholic Reflections post. In these post, i would record down my thought process on certain things.

Having a Melancholic Choleric temperament, i would hold strongly to my opinions on certain things, for my beliefs are the result of long periods of thinking and questioning. In my walk with God, i would throw my doubts at Him and see what comes back. I find doing this more effective than keeping my doubts to myself. I really like how Job questioned God and God came down and answered him. I really like how Jacob wrestled with God until he blessed him. I really like how Moses pleaded with God to stay with the Israelites.

God hears us. He knows our hearts. There is change when one prays. He listens. He understands. He works. Prayer is such a sacred act that God would response to it. I like how God blessed the household of Obed-Edom when the ark was in their house. Just proves to me how God can bless when He dwells among us!

Talking about prayer, i have been trying my best to be more intimate with God. Using ‘Father’ “Daddy God’ and ‘Lord’ instead of just ‘God’. Sure you may think that it is unnecessary to do so, but what we call our friends shows how close you are(i am aware that this doesn’t always stand true). Out of the overflow of the heart the mouths speaks. Is my heart full of a distant God? Or such an amazing personal God?

Talking about this can i know what adjective you would use to describe God? What word will you use to describe His personality?


This is a question i want to ask, will you please tell me?

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