=22= Melancholic Reflections: Drums

It doesn’t take a genius to know that i love drums. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when i am in a daze, half the time i am thinking of a tune and ‘playing’ to it. I have been contemplating on writing a post on drums, yet i never knew how to approach it. Even now i am writing it with no idea in my brain. Haha, we shall see how this goes~!

I have been thinking why do i even play the drums? The drums by itself is practically soulless. Sure Watoto said that they believe playing drums signifies life, yet even they don’t just play drums alone. They sing along to the beat! I mean, you could listen to a piece on the piano for hours straight. You could really add to the ambience by playing the acoustic guitar. You get to see people like Elvin and Shavinn on the guitar and they look great! They look like they get transported to a land where only them with their guitar exist! Drums are loud…

Well, i always admire drummers like Chad Smith and Steve Jordan when they play solos and still sound as good as they do. But really no one could stand watching drum solos for hours… We see how great their technique are and that’s it. We hear how great they sound and that’s it. We feel their groove and that’s it. We enjoy drums with music, not drums alone. Drums alone are loud and annoying.

Yet, i see another interesting thing with drums. We bring out the best in music. Seriously, without drums, try raising dynamics in the song! Try to build up and actually raise dynamics! It seems like music and drums bring forth the best in each other! Drums being a monotone instrument gives consistency to the music and music brings soul to the instrument, both complements each other!

If u see it in a way, Drums are just a fancy metronome. Keeping time. Yet it brings such flavour to the set! Well, when there is a need for punches, when the drums punches properly, 60% of the punches are there.

You can tell sometimes when a drummer is thinking of a tune in his head and playing drums to it or is he just playing a beat! Like once i could tell that Bro Leb is playing Wordplay by Jason Mraz! I guess what the drummer is thinking of in his head is extremely important. I used to think in my head what groove am i playing. But then, i lost where i was in the song and filled in wrongly then i lose control of time keeping. Now i think of the words and ‘sing’ along with it! Now i know where i am in the song, chances of me filling wrongly reduced quite a bit! 🙂

Well, Melancholic me. Haha, I guess i just love hitting metal disc and plastic skins with wood! Something about drums is very satisfying!



=21= Comfort Song: 溫柔


詞曲 阿信

走在風中 今天陽光 突然好溫柔
天的溫柔 地的溫柔 像你抱著我
然後發現 你的改變 孤單的今後
如果冷 該怎麼渡過

天邊風光 身邊的我 都不在你眼中
你的眼中 藏著什麼 我從來都不懂
沒有關係 你的世界 就讓你擁有
不打擾 是我的溫柔

不知道 不明瞭 不想要 為什麼 我的心
明明是想靠近 卻孤單到黎明
不知道 不明瞭 不想要 為什麼 我的心
那愛情的綺麗 總是在孤單裡

不知不覺 不情不願 又到巷子口
我沒有哭 也沒有笑 因為這是夢
沒有預兆 沒有理由 你真的有說過
如果有 就讓你自由

Walking in the wind, Today’s sunshine is suddenly gentle
Gentleness of the sky, Gentleness of the land, Holds me like you did
Then i realised your change, lonely
If its cold, how should i spend my time?

The scenery of the sky, Me who is beside you are not in your eyes
What is hidden in your eyes, i will never know
Never mind, Let you handle your own world
It doesn’t bother my gentleness

I don’t know, I can’t see, i don’t want, why my heart
obviously wants to get closer, but stayed lonely until the dawn
I don’t know, I can’t see, i don’t want, why my heart
The beauty of Love, is always in loneliness
Then i give you my best love

Unconsciously reluctantly went to the alley
I didn’t cry or smile because this is a dream
Without warning, without reason, you really did say
If there is, Then let you have freedom

This is such an awesome song! 🙂

=20= Order of Things: Train Tale

I remember all this happening on the train.

Simple Wants
I was standing up in a crowded train with my Mum. We were standing right in front of the reserved seats. There was this lady holding on to a stroller and this older woman with a baby girl, seating there. As the train began to move, the baby girl started crying. She kept making fuss, shouting gibberish that i made out to be, “sgand oup! Sgand oup!”

Being embarrassed by her (i assumed)granddaughter, she told her sternly to be quiet. The crying baby girl, totally oblivious of her surroundings, continued to make a fuss. Again, she told her to be quiet. Instead of being quieter, her pleas became louder! “sgand oup! SGAND OUP!”

Now, the old lady hit her granddaughter to discipline her. But nothing she did stopped her constant crying. Now the young lady(i assumed that she was the child’s mother), offered to carry the baby girl.

She carried her and simply stood up from her seat. Surprisingly, the girl stopped crying. All the loud baby girl wanted was that she was standing while carrying her!

When i saw that, it puzzled me, what’s the difference between carrying her seating down and carrying her standing up?

Haha, but the sight of that really showed me how easy was it for the kid to be pleased! Yet the grandmother tried so many ways to stop her from crying, yet she still failed.

I know this story puts the old lady in bad light, please don’t think that she is abusive, she is not! I simply couldn’t think of a milder word for ‘hit’.

This showed me that there is really a time for everything. Surely making a fuss in the train isn’t a good thing. But there are many different ways to do so.

In my opinion, you will need to be stern, yet being stern will only tell the girl that doing that is wrong. It doesn’t stop the girl from crying. She was crying because she wanted something. Now by being stern you are giving the girl the impression that she cannot have what she wants, she will cry even more.

Can you see? She was crying because she wanted to be held standing. The old lady was being stern because she wanted her to stop crying. The method to stop her from crying is wrong.

The way to stop her from crying is to carry her standing, not telling her to keep quiet.

Reminder to me that there is a right time for everything. Don’t lose sight! GET THE RIGHT ORDER BRO!(In case who this Bro is, its me! Haha)


=19= Birthday Reflections: Rest

Hmm. My Birthday this year was so different. For one, this was the first birthday that i actually dreaded. 17 years goodness. That are many more things that i have to experience, so much more friends to make. More relationships to build. More choices to make. What is so good about it?!

Another thing different was the fact that we did not cut the cake at 12 am. This was something that i liked. I mean the act itself was meaningless, i could cut the cake the next morning, but the fact that my love ones would stay up late to cut cake with me gives me assurance that i am important to them. That i was worth it to stay up late to celebrate.

I woke up to nothing, This isn’t bad, but its just that my birthday has been on weekdays for the past few years, so when i woke up with nothing to do, it doesn’t feel like my birthday. And I have been serving on Saturdays for quite some time, so having a Saturday off feels awkward. But nonetheless, i have gotten quite a bit of rest! And it i liked it so much that i named this post after it.

So many people wished me happy birthday. Many people who i haven’t been talking to for months texted me! 🙂 It was nice to catch up with people. It was just such a pity that some people that i wanted to text me didn’t… 😦

But i am thankful that so many people valued my birthday! 🙂

Oh well, this birthday may not been the best, but it sure shaped my thinking a bit. Now, i believe this. I don’t need people to spend money on me(Though i don’t mind), but what i want is simple. I want people to value my birthday. It is a special day! I may not need an expensive dinner, but i do want people’s time. I said that i want to use this time with friends, that haven’t change, i still do.

Things i want to do for my love ones on their birthday.
1. 12am birthday greetings
2. A Meal with them
3. A Present that they will like
4. Simply chat and talk
5. Hold this day with respect

Well, i am not perfect, i dun think i will be able to fulfil this all the time, hopefully i could keep 5.


=18= Day to Remember?: Imagination

I remember when i started this blog, i thought i would write many ‘Day to Remember’, but i realised that most of my DTRs are extremely personal. I always believe that worship is personal, worship is not just singing corporately, it is a lifestyle. That is why i record my days down in my journals. To give thanks to God for the day, no matter how good or bad it was. I guess, its my way to live out my worship. And because it is personal, sometimes its difficult to tell someone, let alone writing it on a blog where everyone can read it…

But today is such a defining day, it such a painful way. I decided to back away from Whatsapp for a while. I thought that a particular person would see it and text me to ask me why. The whole entire day i was looking to my phone for a msg notification icon. It never came. Not only that, people are always complaining that their Whatsapp chats are flooded with msgs right? Today i realised that the notification ’17 new messages from 3 conversations’ stayed the same for hours, the number did not change once.

Everything is happening in my mind. Looks like i am not as close to this person than i thought. I am so depressed that no one is talking to me. Not only that, i am just sad that my birthday is so late into the year and so near to exams for my close friends. I thought i would be spending my birthday differently this year, after all, after so long it finally fell on a weekend. Looks like i am wrong.

Why does it seem like i keep on giving and i get nothing back? I know deep down that this is not true, yet i look back and i feel sad. Why can’t i get support and comfort? Is this what Bro D means by ‘i feel a void in you’? After so long, i am delusional i guess. The closest friends i have aren’t by my side. I found someone close, yet we aren’t as close as i thought we were. I know deep down that it shouldn’t matter, yet i still feel sad. -sigh- why is it so hard to get time from people?

Ah well, it is depressing even talking about it.

Sorry for bearing with my rant. i doubt there is anything here that could bless you in this post, sorry about that.


Just a man struggling to live a God led life in a God strayed world