Who am I?


Hey There! I am Kelvin! I am simply a very normal person with an extraordinary God! I used to think that i have no talents, i don’t play games, i don’t play sports, i don’t play music, I don’t have good experiences with God, I am simply a weak man with no direction…

Until God came into my life. I am a second generation Christian, but i never had an experience with God, I didn’t believe God then and was extremely skeptical. I knew some things i did was wrong, in fact i was torn between myself and broken from the inside. I didn’t know what to do… I was broken beyond repair and i was looking for something to sustain me, nothing did. Nothing got me satisfied…

One day, during J333(a Prayer Meeting of my church), the pastor called those who want to linger in God’s presence to stay back, Well, my best friend and mentor at that time both went off, i saw my ex-Regoinal Leader and decided to tell him of my struggles. I told him about it and i was weeping my eyes out… He prayed for me and that was went God entered my life.

I remembered going for Bare Bones(a conference), and God came to me in a form of a question, ‘What have you been doing for me?’ I broke down. Immediately i saw how little i have been doing for God. I was there crying, asking myself, ‘what have i been doing? What have i been doing?’ after that day, i spoke in tongues. Tongues aren’t anything like you would expect, it doesn’t make you more immersed in God’s presence, it simply helps you to communicate better with God. That particular day i decided to join CAMY(my church’s band) and serve God.

Then, my journey in CAMY was surreal. I managed to push myself again and again to play better for God. I have many times when i couldn’t keep time and failed horribly. But God always encourages me. God comforts me and tells me that i can! Once, I was lazy and didn’t prepare my best for God. The result of that is that i felt like i was wasting my steward’s time, that i wasn’t giving my best and worship God. I was shortchanging God of his well deserved worship. That next day when i went for J333, God came in a question too, ‘what have you done to my worship?’ I broke down again. I was crying and was there really broken before an almighty God. i heard a voice behind me that sounded like my favourite worship leader, i was there, ‘No, not her! i have no face to face her…’ apparently, it wasn’t her, But God impacted me anyway. Well, i learned over the past year that as worship leaders, you have a responsibility on and off stage. You need to be ready to lead as a musician and lead as an example.  How you do it is something that will determine whether you have a heart aligned with God’s. I probably will never forget my first day playing on stage. God’s presence was so strong. So amazing. I wouldn’t trade that for anything! Thank you God for revealing yourself to me! 🙂

Being a leader is also a privilege that God has given me! Being able to see my kids Grow is something that only someone of my position can see! I am giving thanks that God has allowed me to grow with my leaders, warming up with everyone! sincerely God works in really wonderful ways!

Well, this is my life as condensed as possible. But ya, you can contact me to ask me more! I would love to answer such questions! Thank you for reading so much of my life. Hopefully, it will have blessed you one way or another!


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Just a man struggling to live a God led life in a God strayed world

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