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Well, if u have read my ‘Who am I’ page, you probably know i play an amazing instrument called the drums! 😀 Well, I learned drums in this amazing drum school named, ‘My Drum School’ No kidding, my drum school is really called ‘My Drum School’! I totally recommend going there if u want to learn! You can visit their website here!

My Journey began also in church! Being a skeptic at that time, i was always looking at people seeing how did they worship God and ‘copy’ them. Well, being at the side where the band is, i always noticed how the drummer looked so cool when they play! I always wondered how did they manage to close their eyes and play? Well, when i was sec 2, i have this long 2 months break. My mum wanted me to make the best out of it! So she allowed me to choose what to learn. So i told her i wanted to learn how to play drums.

So she searched online and found out that the most popular place to learn is ‘My Drum School’. So we went to the place to find out more. Well, my teacher is an amazing drummer and i learned so much from her. Guys, if you are reading this and you are thinking you can never play an instrument because your co-ordination skills sucks, STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! I started out not being able to to do a single stroke roll at all… So it is really just a matter on not giving up and working hard!

As i progressed further into playing drums, my Mum decided to buy me my first drum set! Its a Tama Swing Star, it looked and sounded beautiful! Well, funny thing is that beacuse of this, i seemed to have discovered a new world, a world of music shops like Swee Lee and Ranking! Its the first time when i realised there were so many brands of Drumsticks, Drum Heads, Drum hardware, etc etc. It got me experimenting around with different brands of sticks and heads! Well, if you like to know, these are the equipment that i like/use!

  • Sticks: Vater, Fusion drumsticks
  • Tom Heads: Evans, EC2(10, 14)
  • Snare Head: Still can’t settle on the one i like, G1 is too high pitched, want to try G14 though
  • Snare Resonant: Evans, Hazy 300
  • Cymbals: My dream set up, Zildjian, 14 Constantinople hats, 20 Constantinople Ride, 16 Dark Crash, 18 Dark Crash, 19 Hybrid China, with two splashes (8,10) Just something that would cut through the mix will be fine!
  • Drum Set: My dream recording kit: Retrosonic; My live kit: MyDentity Birch with die cast hoops, white furnish with gold hardware.
  • Snare: My dream snare, Mapex/Black Panther, Cherry and Walnut Hybrid (Hopefully if i ever get an endorsement from them they will have this!)
  • In Ear Monitors: I can’t say much considering how little i know, but i like Future Sonics!

And since we are at the things i like, let me show you the drummers/bands/musicians i like too!

Favourite drummers

  • Chad Smith
  • Steve Jordan
  • Adam Willard
  • Caleb Kay
  • JJ Johnson
  • Chad Butler
  • Cobus Potgieter
  • Rick Woolstenhulme
  • Jojo Mayer
  • Benny Greb
  • Mike Marsh
  • Bob Gatzen

Favourite Bands

  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Mayday
  • Switchfoot
  • Lifehouse
  • McFly
  • Relient K
  • Hillsongs
  • New Life Worship/Desperation Band

Favourite Musicians/Singers

  • Michael Bublé
  • John Mayer
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Adele

Well, back to my journey! Well, I only learned drums for like a year when God called me to audition for CAMY. The audition was something that i could be proud of. Well, when i was given my two compulsory songs, i was intimidated by ‘Holding Nothing Back’, Considering that it was so fast. I practiced it for like 3 days and i still couldn’t get the tempo down… Then, I realised that ‘Here in your Presence’ was 6/8! :O I haven’t learn 6/8 yet, so i was sure i am going to fail my audition. But thankfully, my good friend who was a drummer in CAMY ran things through with me, my future steward played for me to see and my teacher helped me to count properly. In fact, my two compulsory songs were alright! I failed my choice song, ‘Hear us from heaven’ Well, i was confused with the time signatures.

Somehow, i got into CAM Training, it was really fun! I entered really arrogant, thinking that i am better than some people, how wrong was i, i quickly realised how little i actually knew. My Music Director of the band and my pastor taught me so much! I guess one song that made me grew the most was ‘Everlasting God’, I played it during a visit from Wayne Huira, and i punched wrongly. Well, training has at least got me serious about being better and playing better for God! I managed to play decently for my showcase as well! 🙂

But Probation was when it was painful and when i learned the most. Probation is a period when you go for actual worship rehearsals, to play during rehearsals to make you ready to lead people into worship! Well, it is actually a great system, but what happened was that i was in probation for almost a year, not because i didn’t have time to go, but because i am not ready technically. It is painful when you see people you have played with during training to go ahead of you to lead worship. It was very depressing to see people in probation being able to serve on stage for the special services, while i can’t. It was very sad for me that my favourite worship leader had to move up, not allowing me to serve with her.

Painful it may be, it is not even comparable to the pain of knowing that you are shortchanging God of your worship. I remembered one rehearsal, being still on probation, i was called to play with the band first, i was playing through the third song when my worship leader said that there is not enough time and requested my steward to play instead. Well, i felt really bad because i did not prepare as much as i could have. When i went to J333 that night, I sat down to quieten my heart like i always do, but this time, i just felt this guilt, God came to me and said, ‘What have you done to my worship?’ I broke down. I heard a voice behind me, it sounded to much like my favourite worship leader. I was telling God, ‘No! Not her! How could i even face her after this?’ but when i turned around, it wasn’t her. I guess God just wanted to show me how shortchanging Him of my worship is so detrimental.

After that night, I worked hard! And finally the day when I was allowed to play for service! Well the songs are, “Real, You, How great is the love and This is our God” Well, i couldn’t keep time for ‘This is our God’ and the solo for ‘You’ is scary! But after playing for so many times, i managed to serve and i loved God’s presence on that day! His presence was so surreal! I really thank God for revealing himself to me!

This journey was very humbling! I hope you guys have been blessed by my story! Don’t give up on practicing your instrument! Jiayou!


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